All students at Pool Hayes Academy are provided with a Knowledge Organiser and folder at the start of each term, which must be kept until the end of each year. Knowledge Organisers are a document prepared by your teachers that summarise and condense all the most vital, useful and powerful knowledge, that you need to remember to achieve excellence in your subject. Knowledge Organisers are an essential tool in supporting students’ independent practice, knowledge of their subject and independent retrieval work both at home and at school. Please click on the attachment below for advice on how to use your Knowledge Organiser successfully.

How to use your KO

Please click on the relevant links below to be redirected to the page hosting our Knowledge Organisers. After clicking each link, there are subfolders that separate the knowledge organisers for each subject area.

Term 1

KS3 Term 1 – Year 7, 8 and 9 

KS4 Term 1 – Year 10 and 11

KS5 Term 1 – Year 12 and 13

**Please note – resources that will be accessed at home are primarily hosted on the school’s Office 365 and will require students to login to their Office 365 accounts in order to be able to access them. 

The username for Office 365 is the students school email address using the following format; (the part prior to the @ symbol is how you log onto the computers in school) followed by your normal password (also the same one used to log in at school).**