Thank you for considering Pool Hayes Academy as a place where you can continue your learning and development. I am very proud to be leading the team that will support you through the next stage in your educational journey. I appreciate the choices you will now make are not easy ones and that is where we are here to offer guidance and support through the application stage. We have specialist subject teachers who provide the best teaching and learning experiences, enabling all students to maximise their potential and to experience academic success.

As stated in our OFSTED report 2022, ‘The Sixth Form provides an aspirational environment for it’s students while ensuring their personal development and welfare are paramount.’

We pride ourselves at Post-16 in conducting ourselves in a professional manner and we dress accordingly. I am extremely proud of the business dress code that we have in our Sixth Form and if you choose to join us, you will be expected to follow our dress code.

Everyone has the opportunity to be part of large-scale charitable events such as Children in Need, Remembrance Parade and others. Our Sixth Form are also encouraged to take part in the annual school musical whether it be on stage or helping either front of stage or back stage. The contribution made by our Post-16 students to the life of our school is truly inspirational and you can and will be part of the success story. We have a Post-16 student leadership team. We value the opinions of our students and at Post-16 we encourage you to use your voice and work alongside staff to help us to make improvements around our school. All Sixth formers are encouraged to take on a leadership role, with the majority of them working with lower years. Sixth form students act as mentors, provide support in class and during lunch and break times. They act as role models to the rest of the school.

By choosing to study at Pool Hayes Academy Sixth Form you will be opting to study in an environment with a strong sense of community; where everyone is valued, supported and encouraged to develop both academically and socially. I look forward to sharing the next part of your educational journey alongside you and offering you a new and exciting experience.

Mrs C Mason-Wait
Head of Sixth Form/Careers Lead