Our Vision and Values

At Pool Hayes Academy we have a very clear and ambitious vision for our academy. We believe in “Unlocking your Potential – Empowering through Success”. Our vision guides our decision and actions across Pool Hayes Academy and means that any child regardless of circumstance can fulfil their potential at our academy. Furthermore, we believe that educational success leads to empowerment for our young people and the freedom to make more choices over their future.

Underpinning our vision are our values. These values clearly set out the behaviours and qualities we expect and instil in our young people. They are:

Aspiration: We work hard consistently to fulfil our ambitions and achieve our potential.

Respect: We show pride in celebrating diversity, keeping each other safe and accepting everyone in our community.

Excellence: We have high expectations of our conduct and lead by example at all times.

Resilience: We embrace challenge, take risks and grow confidently from our mistakes.

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