An inclusive academy in which barriers to learning, engagement, community and relational development are prioritised and where there is a focus on breaking generational cycles of low aspirations, self-esteem and poverty.

We aim to:

  • Develop Responsible learners demonstrated in their good attitudes towards learning and their behaviour on site and around the local community, working in partnership with community stakeholders and agencies.
  • Set high Aspirations for all of our youngsters no matter what their background or starting points and be tireless in the support of them achieving their goals.
  • Encourage our pupils and students to Persevere despite the challenges faced by many and to constantly strive to improve.
  • Foster a culture of Success, both academically and socially, that will enable our children to move into adulthood with the means to continue to achieve.

As a learning community we strive to develop common values in all our children through our RAPS ethos.  To that end we believe that:

  • Everyone should be given the very best, not only what they deserve but more besides.
  • There should always be opportunities to improve and hope for the very best outcomes in everything we do.
  • The foundation of success is through developing strong and deep relationships across the academy with commitment and respect being at the core.
  • We should show respect and compassion for all, no matter what has gone on before.
  • All disadvantage must be challenged and equality assumed at all times.
  • Enjoyment is an essential value to the school community.
  • All members of the school community should work for the improvement of all.
  • Everyone’s wellbeing should be protected and honoured at all times.

Where will I see the RAPS?

The RAPS (Responsibility – Aspiration – Perseverance – Success) will be highly visible throughout the academy.

You will see them written large in the reception area and you will see them referred to through a series of famous quotations all around the site.

You will see them as a key part of your tutor time as you will do presentations about them and they will be constantly referred to in assemblies.

You will see them on display in every classroom and be referred to at Parents’ Evenings and other parental meetings.

Responsibility – Aspiration – Perseverance – Success