Please support us by sending your child to school each morning meeting these requirements fully, to ensure that they are ready for a great day of learning.  This also enables teaching staff to focus on delivering an excellent education for your child.  Research shows that high expectations in uniform encourage pupils to take pride in themselves and are not subject to peer pressure. Crucially, it is proven to improve behaviour, develop aspiration, build confidence and raise academic achievement.

Together, we want the very best for your child, as you do. We appreciate your attention and valuable support in this matter.

The Pool Hayes Academy uniform consists of smart trousers (or pleated skirt), shirt, tie and blazer, and encourages students to take great pride in their appearance.  Students are expected to adhere to our uniform policy at all times, which consists of the following items:

Uniform – All Students:

  • Black school blazer with Pool Hayes Academy badge, to be worn at all times unless directed by a member of staff.
  • Pool Hayes Academy tie (in your child’s house colour) should be worn at all times, appropriately attached to the top button of the shirt.
  • Plain white school shirt with a formal collar which can be long or short sleeved (tucked in and fully buttoned at all times).
  • Socks should be plain black full ankle socks and tights should be plain black. Students may wish to wear black knee socks, but these must be appropriate for school and come below the knee.
  • Smart, plain black, polishable, sturdy leather, or leather look, school shoes (No logos and no trainers of any type). No mesh, material, canvas, embellishments, decorations or coloured trim or soles. A velcro shoe is permitted, but it must be a sturdy leather type shoe. No pumps will be allowed. Shoes should be sturdy and appropriate for all weathers. Black laces only.
  • Plain, full length (no gap between trouser and socks) black trousers. (Trousers should not be tight. No jeans, jeggings, corduroy, combat, chinos, Lycra, denim trousers, leggings or tracksuit bottoms). We are aware that many suppliers, such as local supermarkets, will try to sell you inappropriate styles by stocking them in their ‘uniform’ section. Please be mindful of this when making your selection.
  • Students may choose instead of trousers, a plain black pleated skirt that is smart and professional and loose fitting which comes to just above the knee. Any other style or length of skirt will not be allowed.
  • Optional school jumper (a plain black V neck jumper with no motif or visible branding). When students get warm the jumper should be removed and the blazer kept on.  Round necks, logos, sweatshirts, zip up tops or hoodies will not be allowed.
  • Head scarves or turbans must be plain black.
  • A waterproof coat for winter use is strongly recommended.  No hoodies, zip-up tops or denim jackets are to be worn on the academy site.
  • Every student must come to school with a full-sized bag to fit their exercise books in (A4) and their equipment. No pouch style bags are allowed. The expectation is that every student has a pencil case for their equipment.

PE Kit


  • White Pool Hayes logo t-shirt
  • Black Pool Hayes logo shorts
  • White ankle socks
  • Suitable athletic trainers
  • Navy Blue/black round neck jumper (logo optional)


  • White Pool Hayes logo t- shirt
  • Black Pool Hayes logo shorts
  • White ankle socks
  • Suitable athletic trainers
  • Sky blue rugby shirt
  • Sky blue Pool Hayes logo football socks
  • Football boots
  • Shin pads

Other acceptable kit:

  • Plain white polo t-shirt—instead of white Pool Hayes logo t-shirt
  • Plain black shorts—instead of black Pool Hayes logo shorts
  • Boys – Navy/blue black round neck jumper instead of the blue rugby shirt.



Hair should be of natural colour with no patterns or shapes cut into it.  We find that hair colours / cuts that do not conform to our requirements distract from learning.


  • No excessively wide, coloured or embellished belts. Belts should be plain and black with a discreet buckle.
  • Undergarments should be an appropriate colour to protect modesty e.g. neutral or white vests, bras etc.
  • Students are not allowed to wear any ear, facial or body piercings, including the tongue or nose.
  • Students may wear an analogue or digital wristwatch. Smart watches are not permitted.
  • If students do not follow our policy, jewellery will be confiscated until the end of the day. If this is repeated an adult will be required to collect any confiscated items.
  • Nail varnish and acrylic or gel nails are not permitted. Any applied over a weekend or holiday period must be removed by the time you return to the academy.
  • Make up or false eyelashes are not permitted and your child may be asked to remove make up or eyelashes if worn in school.
  • No caps to be worn on school site.
  • Winter hats are allowed but should not be worn inside the academy building.
  • Chewing gum, canned or energy drinks are not allowed in school.

All Parents/Carers should ensure the school uniform policy is followed fully by their child.


Uniform can be purchased on line by visiting:




Ties can be purchased at school or on Willenhall Market. Please contact Student Support for costs and availability.