Welcome to Pool Hayes Academy

It is with great pride and pleasure that I present to you Pool Hayes Academy. We are a fully inclusive, oversubscribed secondary school in the heart of our community. At Pool Hayes Academy our behaviours and decisions are guided from our vision and values: Unlocking your Potential – Empowering through Success. We believe that through a successful education at Pool Hayes Academy, students can go out into the wider world and have the power to make positive change. This vision is underpinned by our four values: Aspiration; Respect; Excellence and Resilience. You will see our vision and values proudly displayed across our academy as all staff, students and parents are part of our journey towards success.

Our academy offers a close-knit community where children feel safe, valued and supported throughout their educational journey. We are very lucky to have a dedicated, friendly and supportive staff body who are committed to the education and welfare of all children at Pool Hayes Academy. Our academy has excellent facilities and technologies to ensure our provision transforms the learning of our young people.

Every member of the Pool Hayes community is expected to treat others with respect. At Pool Hayes Academy we believe in a consistent fair approach that ensures students are successful. We make no apologies for our high expectations which enable students to unlock their potential. Pool Hayes Academy has the highest expectations for attendance, punctuality, uniform, behaviour and outcomes. Our relentless drive for high performance at all levels ensures that all students are happy and successful during their time here.

I look forward to working with you over the next seven years to ensure your child receives a successful, rewarding education.

Mr T McDowall