Our academy takes great pride in the environment we put together for our students to learn and interact and so we work tremendously hard to update, modernise and rejuvenate our facilities.

Renovation & Revolution…

Since January 2014 we have revolutionised the make-up of our environment and the school is a very different place to what it was. It is always a thrill to see the jaws drop of parents / former students who are amazed at the dramatic changes that have been made.

The first wave of building work in Summer 2014 saw sports studios, a dance studio, a brand new reception and lobby area, conference rooms, a lecture theatre, a student reading zone and an all-important Student Support base with mentoring rooms.

“During the Summer of 2015 we saw the refurbishment of the main hall, the expansion and redesign of the school library, the updating of outdoor seating areas, new toilet facilities, and a number of classrooms have received a total make-over.  This was continued in 2016 with the remaining English and Humanities classrooms being made over, and the start of our Science refurbishment with half of the science labs receiving their upgrade.

We have not finished yet either.  This coming year will see the remaining science labs upgraded, more classrooms transformed and, courtesy of VS Furniture (Germany), some innovative and transformational furniture will be arriving for our Health and Social Care and ICT suites.”

Student Voice & Student Responsibility…

A key part of our improvement has been making sure that the students have a say in how the school develops. The House & Student Councils have played a lead role in making suggestions, sharing ideas and making our school a better place.
All students have had their voices heard, many students took part in the anti-litter campaigns, and every student has a responsibility to ensure that they look after their environment and ensure that we can make the facilities better and better year after year after year.

By Order of the Management…

We take our security and safety very seriously so the school conducts regular Health & Safety, Fire Safety, and other statutory checks throughout the year.
If you would like further information concerning our provision, then please contact the School, via our school mailbox: office@poolhayes.attrust.org.uk

Visiting the School…

If you would like to tour our school at any point during the school year then please contact school reception to book a tour, or contact us via our school our email mailbox: office@poolhayes.attrust.org.uk