At Chartwells Schools, we pride ourselves on being more than just secondary school caterers; we’re feeding the future generation with inspiring food and outstanding learning experiences. We work alongside students at more than 400 secondary schools and academies across the UK to fuel performance, encourage success and help students realise their full potential through truly memorable mealtimes.

We believe in making nutritious food accessible to every student, as we know that mealtimes are a vital ingredient in delivering outstanding education experiences and the development of crucial social skills. We take our responsibilities as market-leading secondary school caterers seriously. Our commitment to nourishing students doesn’t stop at the kitchen, which is why we go above and beyond to cultivate a positive relationship between students and healthy food that continues long after they’ve left school!

As the colder months approach, students need to receive warm, hearty meals to power them through the school day and fuel their minds. We’ve created several delicious menus with tasty, healthy food options to set students up for success and provide them with essential nutrients.
There’s truly something for every student to enjoy.