Video Tutorials

Session 1 – Logging in and Finding your Class Teams

Session 2 – Writing posts, finding files and communication

Session 3 – Finding, joining and communicating in a live lesson

Session 4 – Finding, using and understanding your class notebook

Session 5 – Finding your assignments and uploading work each lesson

**Please note – resources that will be accessed at home are primarily hosted on the school’s Office 365 and will require students to login to their Office 365 accounts in order to be able to access them. 

The username for Office 365 is the students school email address using the following format; (the part prior to the @ symbol is how you log onto the computers in school) followed by your normal password (also the same one used to log in at school).**

If you require any further support with accessing TEAMS please email and mention FAO Mr N Bradnick-Thompson (Vice Principal) or Miss A WIlliams (Assistant Principal) in the subject heading.