Press Release

Mr Trimmer, Regional Education Director

“I would like to thank all of the staff, students, and their parents who have worked together to achieve these results under the most challenging of circumstances.  Congratulations to all of you on your hard-earned success.”

GCSE Results 2021

Students in Cohort = 188

Students achieving 4+ in English and Maths = 60.1%

Quote/Comment from Tom McDowall, Principal:

“These excellent GCSE results represent the hard work and efforts of all of our students.  A huge 60.1% of our students achieved a L4+ in English and Maths.  We are so proud of what they have achieved in spite of challenging circumstances.  These results will ensure that our students have the best possible options available to them moving beyond their GCSEs and onto the next steps in their lives.  We look forward to supporting them in their next steps at our Sixth Form and other providers.”

Student Successes

  • Harry Woods; 77 (Science, Double), 8 (Maths), 6 (English Language), 6 (English Literature), 7 (Geography), 5 (Spanish), D* (Sport), D* (IT),
    • Harry’s results here represent his excellent attitude to learning and his diligence through all aspects of school.
  • Shardae Vanhorn; 76 (Science, Double), 6 (Maths), 9 (English Literature), 8 (English Language), 7 (History), 7 (Spanish), D* (H&SC), D* (Sport)
    • We are so proud of Shardae’s results here.  She is one of our highest performing students this year and should be truly proud of such amazing results. 
  • Callum O’Neil; 66 (Science, Double), 8 (Maths), 8 (English Language), 8 (English Literature), 7 (History), 7 (Spanish), M (Business), D* (Sport)
    • Callum’s results here are wonderful. His two grade 8s in both English GCSEs, especially, is something which he should be very proud of. 
  • Nathan Chilton; 99 (Science, Double), 8 (Maths), 6 (English Language), 6 (English Literature), 8 (Geography), 5 (Spanish), D* (IT), D* (Sport)
    • Nathan should be proud of these results. His Science grade is incredible and is a testament to his hard work. 
  • Cameron Bentley; 77 (Science, Double), 8 (Maths), 8 (English Language), 7 (English Literature), 6 (History), 6 (Music), 9 (RE), 5 (Spanish), D (Sport)
    • Cameron should be very proud of these results. He chose to sit more qualifications than the majority of other students at Pool Hayes, including engaging in self-study and extracurricular lessons to fit all of it in.  These results are something to behold!

A-Level Results 2021

Students in Cohort = 49

Average Grade = B+

Average Point Score = 41.11

Percentage of A*-C = 85.2%

Quote/Comment from Mr McDowall, Principal:

“These results represent the truly incredible hard work of all of our students over the past two years at Pool Hayes Academy Sixth Form.  Students have risen to the challenge of post sixteen study, applying themselves positively in adapting the ways that they have studied including both face to face tuition, and blended learning strategies.  We are proud to say that this year has seen an increase in both the number of our students who have applied to University, but also in the number of students who are planning on continuing their education at Russell Group universities.  All of our students have secured positive future steps for themselves and we look forward to building our alumni networks with them.”

  • Owen Roberts; A* (Chemistry A Level), A* (Maths A Level), A* (Physics A Level)
    • Owen’s results are truly deserved as he is a credit to the academy as a result of his sheer perseverance, resilience and drive for success. We look forward to hearing of his future success when he begins his course studying Mathematics and Physics at the University of Warwick. 
  • Agata Gasiorowska; A* (Biology A Level), A* (Maths A Level), A (Chemistry A Level)
    • Agata’s incredible results here are a product of her hard work and diligence over the course of her educational journey. She is going to study Biomedical Science with a year in industry at the University of Sheffield. 
  • Grace Bowen; D*D* (Sport OCR Nationals Level 3), A (Biology A Level)
    • Grace’s results here show her fantastic attitude to learning and passion for sport. We look forward to hearing from her in the future once she has begun her dream course of studying Paramedic Science at the University of Wolverhampton. 
  • Neev Lamba; A* (Maths A level), A (Physics A Level), A (Chemistry A Level)
    • We are proud of Neev’s incredible results here, given the challenges he faced when learning English as an additional language. We hope that this excellent set of results enables him to go on to study Economics at Warwick University.