Students choose their KS4 (GCSE) options during March of Year 9 and benefit from comprehensive guidance throughout the academic year.

We currently use three pathways for students in order to steer them towards their best options although we maintain a strong view that students must have a clear sense of choice and the opportunity to enjoy a broad and balanced curriculum.

These pathways guide many students towards the English Baccalaureate subjects (English / Maths / Science / MFL / Humanities), they encourage all students to take some vocational subjects to offer a different approach to learning and qualifications, whilst others benefit from the StudyPlus route which provides an extra block of time to concentrate on making sure there is ample support and guidance to secure academic success.

Additionally, these option routes are supplemented by an outstanding and quality-assured provision of career and aspiration guidance so that every child is well-informed as regards to their ambitions.

Pathway A Booklet (Blue) 2022

Pathway B Booklet (Green) 2022

If you require any further information, please contact our Vice-Principal, Andy Lawrence, via the academy mailbox: