Personal Development 

At Pool Hayes we agree that the personal development of our staff is the biggest tool that we have to equip them with the tools that they need to improve the quality of Teaching and Learning.  Therefore we have created a bespoke PD package to support this.  This PD package will be adjusted each year to reflect the changing needs of the academy.  It will cover; 

  1. Whole school PD relating to the introduction of each different Principles from the Teaching WALKTHRUs 
  2. Department PD relating to embedding each of the different Principles from the Teaching WALKTHRUs 
  3. Other areas of PD which staff will require relating to matters beyond Teaching and Learning (such as statutory safeguarding training or PD relating to specific areas of the school such as Sixth Form) 

As part of Academy Transformation Trust, we are a part of the ATT Institute as well.  This underpins our PD and learning across the trust 

What is our ATT Institute? 

‘Institute’ is an umbrella term for all people development available to our ATT staff. It is any people development activity that takes place in academies, across academies, by external colleagues delivered for ATT colleagues. In essence, it is every training and development opportunity available. This would include, but is not exclusive to: blogs, coaching, conferences, courses, podcasts, reading, SDGs, team-teaching, TNGs, workshops, webinars. 

Where is our ATT Institute? 

Anywhere and everywhere! Anywhere people development takes place (in academies/external venues/at home in your living room!) 

Who is our ATT Institute for? 

Please note we use the collective pronoun ‘our’- ‘our Institute’ and not the determiner ‘the.’
Our Institute is not independent of us. It is us. We will contribute to our training offer when we deliver people development, and we will benefit from it when we attend/or seek out people development for ourselves.  

It serves our whole ATT community. We are all working hard to ensure that there are high-quality people development opportunities for every single stakeholder across our organisation.  

Our ATT Institute Vision 

We are committed to the very best people development. We empower all through equality of opportunity and place the needs of our stakeholders and the communities we serve at the front and center of all we do. We believe we are better together and value collaboration within and beyond our organisation. ATT People Development activities will be the very best professional learning our stakeholders have ever had. Through high-quality people development we will transform lives and communities. 

Strategic Development Group and Teacher Network Groups

As part of ATT we value learning across and between our academies.  ATT hosts a variety of SDGs and TNGs which meet throughout each academic year.  We will have at least one representative from Pool Hayes at each of these to share learning, contribute to joint decisions made by ATT and then to filter learning down to other relevant colleagues at Pool Hayes. 

A Strategic Development Group is defined as a collective of leaders with specific responsibilities within each school who share learning in relation to their area of responsibility.   

There are several of these; 

  1. Curriculum and Outcomes 
  2. People Development
  3. SEND
  4. Personal Development Behaviour and Attitudes
  5. Designated Safeguarding Lead 

A Teacher Network Group is defined as a collective of representative teachers from a subject area who collectively share learning in relation to their subject.