The Pool Hayes Key to Learning

The Pool Hayes Key to Learning provides a consistent framework and common language to support students in securing effective learning and teachers in delivering effective teaching.

The PDR Cycle

This three-step PDR process (Plan – Do – Review) provides a stepped progression through tasks, lessons and study units and should be at the heart of every lesson at Pool Hayes.

The cycle is on display in every classroom and should be flagged up as the integral component of the learning process. It allows the students and teachers to identify the key learning points and to check understanding at key transitions.

Equally, the integration of the Pool Hayes Ethos presents clear expectations in terms of attitude to learning and provides standards for teachers and learners to model to one another.

The Pool Hayes AfL Plans & Assessment Timelines

The KS3 AfL Plans correlate with the PDR Cycle by providing a systematic framework for embedding Assessment for Learning (AfL) in the delivery of lessons.

They are department specific and particularly focus on developing students’ awareness of their own learning and progress. This includes subject specific guidance and feedback, as well as wider learning skills including self / peer assessment and connective learning.

Similarly, the Assessment Timelines map out for all students – though more focused at KS4 and Sixth Form – the chronological content and assessment stages through the course and support the students in determining the pace and progression of their learning journey.

The Pool Hayes Class Support Plans

The Class Support Plans (SENPic) are designed to support differentiated teaching by focusing on specific learning needs, informing personalised planning and ensuring familiarity with your students.

They include a subject specific focus on each child’s needs, a coherent seating plan, comprehensive awareness of current and target levels / grades, and additional issues and support for individuals and groups within the class.