Here at Pool Hayes Academy we are very keen to support your transition as much as we can in such unprecedented circumstances. We would like you to work through the following PowerPoints and complete the work booklet alongside them. In the presentations, there are some videos for you to watch and information to help support your transition from Primary to Secondary education. If you can complete the booklet and email it to your Form Tutor by Friday 27th August 2021, they can get to know more about you and how you are feeling about joining us here at Pool Hayes Academy. We can then use these as a starting point for your PHL lessons in September.

Be Awesome Go Big Workbook (editable)

Be Awesome Go Big Workbook (to print)

Getting Ready to Go Big

Session 1 – Being awesome

Session 2 – Unlocking your mind

Session 3 – Dare to take risks

Session 4 – Making the change

Session 5 – Lost but not lost

Session 6 – Bouncebackability

Session 8 – Friendships and fallouts